heureCLÉA was a BMBF (German Ministry of Science and Research) funded project that ran from 2013 to 2016. In this novel interdisciplinary research initiative two teams worked hand in hand: a group of literary scholars based at Hamburg University (PI: Prof. Dr. Jan Christoph Meister) and a group of Computer Scientists based at Heidelberg University (PI: Prof. Dr. Michael Gertz).

heureCLÉA’s overall goal was to explore the possibilities of bridging the often stated methodological gap between qualitative, hermeneutically inspired text analysis in Literary Studies and automated, machine learning based approaches in Computer Science that model textual phenomena statistically. This gap, as we were able to prove, does not really exist: our two approaches towards text are not mutually exclusive, they rather represent complementary positions in a methodological continuum.

Details about the project, including publications and tools can be found on the project web site.