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In the Jahrestage project, Frank Fischer (Göttingen Centre for Digital Humanities) and Jannik Strötgen (Max Planck Institute for Informatics, previously Institut für Informatik, Universität Heidelberg) are analyzing temporal expressions in large corpora of world literature.

For mining (extracting and normalizing) date expressions, we use a slightly modified version of HeidelTime


Publications & Presentations



  • HDH 2015, Madrid, Spain, October 8, 2015: Un calendario de la literatura española (aplicación para Android e iOS), Frank Fischer. [slides - pdf]
  • DH 2015, Sydney, Australia, July 3, 2015: When does German Literature Take Place?, Frank Fischer. [slides - pdf]
  • DariahDE Workshop "Warum nicht mal mobil? Apps in den Digital Humanities", Darmstadt, Germany, 24. April 2015: "Literjahrtur" – eine Kalender-App für Android mit Daten aus einem weltliterarischen Korpus, Jannik Strötgen und Frank Fischer.
  • DHd 2015, Graz, Austria, 27. Februar 2015: Wann findet die deutsche Literatur statt? Frank Fischer und Jannik Strötgen. [slides - pdf]
  • AAHD 2014, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 18. November 2014: Las estaciones de la literatura. Investigación de estructuras temporales en un gran corpus, Frank Fischer. (abstract)


Apps & Twitter

Following our Android beta-version app Literjahrtur (still available), we released Tiwoli - Today in world literature - a much nicer and improved app for Android and iOS (thanks to Thomas Bögel for developing the iOS app).

The apps present, for each day of the year, quotations extracted from world literature, in which the respective date occurs. In the meanwhile, English quotations are added so that the apps contain German and English literary content. In addition, we are currently working on including further languages.

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